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Credit repair is a great way to improve your credit score, if the problem is caused by a disputable error.  If your credit score is poor because of a giant pile of debt — debt that you legitimately owe — then, credit repair may not be the right solution.  But   eliminating mistakes on a credit report can improve a credit score in a few months. If you don’t have the time to dispute negative information on your credit report, but you have outdated, erroneous, incomplete information, and other credit report blemishes, you can pay someone else to do the work for you.  Here are credit repair companies to consider:

 Global Financial & Credit Solutions

Is not just a credit repair company.  Credit improvement solutions are only one of our services. This Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based company offers a full suite of financial services to help clients attain financial freedom and begin investing in themselves.  First work fees are between $99-$379.

For more information visit

Hannah Financial     

Located in Cleveland, Hannah Financial is licensed, bonded and BBB accredited. The first minority owned licensed credit repair company in Ohio.  First work fee is $189.

For more information visit

Heart of Hustle, LLC   

This Vineland, New Jersey based credit repair company offers affordable, secure, and fast service.  This credit repair company offers a low first work fee of $50.00.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

Holliday Credit Repair        

This Richmond, Virginia based credit repair company assists those denied for loans improve their credit scores.  First work fee is $199. For more information contact Chante Holliday here [email protected].

IGI Financial

What sets my credit repair company apart from others is that not only do I provide credit restoration, I also provide free credit education. IGI Financial birth Speak Credit which is the free credit education platform of the company that help people understand and gain knowledge of how credit works.  $99 [email protected]

King Carter Financials        

King Carter Financials is passionate about educating clients and the Atlanta, Georgia community about credit, money management, and wealth building. King Carter is dedicated to enriching others with knowledge to establish strong credit scores and leveraging high credit scores to achieve financial goals.  On a mission to expose young adults to credit education, King Carter offers programs for teenagers on how to build and manage credit, as well as, how to maintain their creditworthiness for opportunities for their future.  Let King Carter Financials make this year, your year of approvals.  First work fee is $59. Contact: [email protected]

Klean Slate Financial

Klean Slate Financial located in Orlando, Florida, offers solutions for simple credit repair needs designed for clients who may not require all the bells and whistles of more expensive plans. The company also offers a long history, a strong reputation, and an excellent money-back guarantee. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Let’s Talk

This credit repair company offers superior customer service, monthly contact for progress updates, 24 hour portal access, and 90 day money back guarantee policy. First work fee is $99.95. Contact [email protected] for more information.

 Limitless Credit Education

This Lauderdale Lakes, Florida based credit repair company shares industry secrets how to increase credit scores up to 100 points in sixty days. Even in a pandemic, you can have your dream credit score.  First work fee is $59 to get started. For more information visit

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