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De’Andre Salter’s ‘The Culture of Money’ Offers Remedy to Black Economic Wealth Gap

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SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – In direct response to the continued historic economic inequities facing Black Americans, De’Andre Salter has authored The Culture of Money, a 320-page book focused on addressing the Black wealth gap and how to break the cycle of generational poverty. 

“I wanted to focus on the very personal effects of what we all know as a significant ‘wealth gap’ and take a peek into what that means, specifically for people of color and our country as a whole,” said Salter, who in addition to being an author and entrepreneur, is also a motivational speaker and certified financial expert as well as a bishop who currently serves as senior pastor of Impact Church in South Plainfield. 

The Culture of Money, Salter said, ‘puts an emphasis on making a commitment to behavioral changes in our attitudes toward money to decrease our personal wealth gap, while increasing our net worth and enabling us to take our seats at the proverbial table—politically, economically, and socially.’

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Through the book, Salter aims to build a Black wealth movement through the adoption of three community-shared values: Know More, Own More, and Pass Down More. He told TAPinto South Plainfield  that the goal is for them to be ’embraced’ and passed down from generation to generation.

‘Know More,’ said Salter, is aimed at embracing financial literacy and ‘Own More’ focuses on helping people within the Black community reduce their personal wealth gap by owning a business, property, and/or equity. Additionally, ‘Pass Down More,’ he said, is aimed toward vision, values and creating a financial legacy. 

“African Americans have been so influential in American culture, particularly when you think of fashion, culinary, the arts, so many different things, but where they are not often influencing the culture is in the area of finances. In fact, many of the images and stereotypes concerning money and African American people are often racist and demeaning,” Salter said. “What we want to do is make a contribution in that area and be known as ‘the culture of money’ and the way we do that is through our values, attitudes and beliefs.”

Salter began working on the concept for The Culture of Money – about five years ago and committed to heavy writing and reframing over the last two years. He feels the timing of the book is appropriate and that it is not just aimed and members of the Black community. 

“We are now facing, as a country, the reckoning of some things and I think all of us want a better future but that future has to be inclusive of all of us,” said Salter, adding that while the book is targeted toward uplifting people of color, it is important for people of all races to understand the context. 

“All of us are facing these issues in our society that we really have to fix…[and] people who may not even be part of the African American community are generally sensitive and want to do their part… I think The Culture of Money platform is perfectly timed in that it will provide those from outside the Black community the opportunity to get a better look at the issues from the inside,” said Salter. 

The Culture of Money (ISBN# 978-953307-12-5), available through Mynd Matters Publishing, was released on Jan. 12, 2021 and can be purchased at, Barnes and Noble, and; as of press time, it has been a number one new release on Amazon in the category of ‘credit and credit repair’ and is also ranked within the online retailer’s top five in the categories of ‘marketing and consumer behavior’ and ‘wealth management.’ 

About De’Andre Salter

De’Andre Salter is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, certified financial expert, author, and a duly consecrated bishop in the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops and the Macedonia International Bible Fellowship. 

Salter is one of the most recognized and celebrated Black executives in the commercial insurance industry. His 20-year career as senior vice president with three different Fortune 100 insurance companies, and his faith, served as inspiration for building the largest Black-owned insurance brokerage in the world by age 30. 

Salter currently serves as senior pastor of Impact Church in South Plainfield, New Jersey, and has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart, Terri, for over 25 years. Together they have four children and reside in Central New Jersey. He holds a bachelor’s from Drew University, a Master’s of Theology from The King’s Seminary, and is currently pursuing his Doctoral of Ministry.

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