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The pandemic has promoted transformations in traditional banking processes, it has transferred them to cyberspace where their use is more convenient, but an increase in the theft of people’s identity has been unleashed.

Identity theft is a fraud that consists of the appropriation of personal data for the thief to use for their benefit, the most common is that the credit of a victim’s card is used to make purchases, then charges are made to the accounts of the affected party and he cannot recognize them as his own. Credits are requested in the name of the other person.

If you lose personal documents, report the loss and process their replacement. Photo: Pixabay.

So that you know more, protect yourself from this crime and avoid being victims of the theft of your information, we present some recommendations that were shared by moyoAI:

1. Take good care of your identity documents. If you lose your voter credential, passport or license: report the loss and process a replacement. Do not leave these documents within the reach of anyone and when you have to deliver a photocopy for some procedure make sure they will be safe, companies and government offices have privacy notices that ensure the proper handling of your information.

2. Request your special credit report. Do this to verify that there is nothing abnormal in your bank accounts. If you detect something strange, notify the situation to your Credit Information Society (SIC).

3. If you lose your debit or credit card, don’t let the time pass. As soon as you realize that your card does not appear, contact the bank that issued it to inform them of what happened and proceed to block them, thus preventing them from making or continuing to misuse them.

4. Trust and seek biometric security. Verify that your financial service provider uses efficient tools to validate identity, such as biometrics, 2FA passwords (second factor of authentication) so that when you make transactions they make sure that you are the one who performs them. As businesses move their operations to the Internet, it is more important for companies to have identity validation processes and mechanisms to prevent fraud.

Given the insecurity, it is not enough that you use traditional authentication methods, such as verifying the identity of the user only with an official ID, a single password, or security questions. In 2021, companies will switch to more complex and effective ways to verify identity when selling their products and services, they will also protect consumer data as scammers advance their techniques.

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) points out that Mexico ranks eighth in the world in this crime and second in Latin America.

During the pandemic, many people were forced to stay indoors to avoid contagion. They used the internet and applications to buy, exchange, sell and pay for products and services. This was exploited by criminals to steal the bank and personal details of Internet users.

The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) reported that the main techniques used by criminals to appropriate data are: smishing, vishing, card cloning, spam, phishing and pharming.

More information in the Tips section.

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