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‘Go Out and Fish’: Ponds across Lafayette are stocked to attract community involvement

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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Department workers spent the morning stocking ponds across Lafayette with pounds of rainbow trout.

Their goal was to attract families and park goers to local ponds in the area as part of their “Go Out and Fish” program.

Erin Boudreaux, who’s children are home schooled says she heard about the program and figured this would be a great activity before her children began their school day.

“We kind of quickly googled what rainbow trout fish like to eat and we figured this would be a great way to start our school day.

Robby Boudreaux, known as “Bud”, says he has a pond at his home.

He often teaches his grandchildren how to fish.

However, while teaching his grandchildren techniques for the perfect catch, he also teaches the the importance of recycling.

“I teach them the right way not to liter, I tell them pick up all your stuff when you fish.”

Mom and “Bud” are not the only two who enjoy teaching their loved ones how to fish.

Isaac Boudreaux, Erin Boudreaux’s oldest son says he mostly enjoys teaching his younger siblings how to fish.

“It’s fun teaching the little ones how to teach the right way. We just love messing around,” he said.

Those who choose to “Get Out and Fish” the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would love to connect with you.

To share your catch with the department visit their website.

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