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Gothenburg man placed on probation for ID theft, fraud

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LEXINGTON — A Gothenburg man will serve less than a year in jail and has been placed on four years of probation for felony charges of identity theft, unauthorized use of a financial device and insurance fraud.

Matthew Mroczek, 37, appeared before Judge James Doyle IV in Dawson County District Court this week.

Mroczek was sentenced to serve 230 days in jail on one count of identity theft of $5,000 or more, and given credit for 161 days previously served. He was sentenced to 48 months of probation on five more counts of identity theft, as well as one count of unauthorized use of a financial device and one count of insurance fraud.

Mroczek pleaded guilty to the charges in May, and at that time 22 other charges — mostly related to identity theft — were dismissed. The crimes occurred between October and December 2016.

The Gothenburg Police Department began an investigation in December 2016 after being contacted by the Omaha Police Department following Mroczek’s arrest in Omaha for purchasing about $20,000 in merchandize using another person’s name and credit information.

Mroczek was formerly the financial director for an auto dealership in Gothenburg and took files containing personal information of customers and used that information to apply for credit. He was found to be in possession of several credit cards in other people’s names.

In outlining the terms of probation, Doyle emphasized to Mroczek that he needed to complete the Stephens Center Program in good standing and adhere to all discharge recommendations. “You are almost done, but the tail end of that is very important,” said Doyle.

Additionally, he is supposed to attend community support group meetings multiple times a week, obtain a sponsor and maintain weekly contact with that sponsor.

Dawson County Deputy Attorney Garrett Goodwin had requested that Mroczek be prohibited from use of the internet as a term of probation, but Doyle said that would be difficult in today’s world due to the commerce and bill paying conducted through the internet. Instead he authorized probation to monitor and limit Mroczek’s use of the internet. He is restricted from gambling on the internet or in any form.

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