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Has anyone noticed how aggressively and fast people are…

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Has anyone noticed how aggressively and fast people are driving lately? Several fatal accidents on 15, 91, and elsewhere. Seems like more traffic than before Covid also. Something has changed. What is going on?

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Hey. Is anyone able to care for these 4 kittens I recently found here by my house? I would….but I have too many cats as it is and they need attention. Theyre Very young and I would appreciate if someone could care for them and find them good homes. Please let me know if anyone can help.

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To Patch Staff:

Please help with issue re UNNECESSARY TREE CUTTING, including an ancient CALIFORNIA LIVE OAK, 250 years old plus, on Ortega Hy, El Cariso Village. Caltrans in its expedient manner, has made an oversight. There is no need for these tree removals. (I am in communication with Caltrans.) Please contact me for more details, and what you would want from me, including photos and interview. Thank you.

Nicolai Billy
949 444 6443
[email protected]

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Was there fire tonight in murrieta?

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Traffic collision , 1 Fatality today at 15 s bound , how tragic, life lost in the collision, Huge fire ball my condolences to the family and friends please be careful driving,
Slow down and pay attention, What the Hell ! I believe we need more law enforcement on our roadways. Seems like this is happening on a monthly basis unfortunately!
Too many lawless drivers on the highways, doesn’t anybody respect the speed limit anymore?

Traffic collision , 1 Fatality today at 15 s bound , how...

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Why instead of decreasing, the numbers of cases are increasing after all these vaccination efforts ?? Is running the risk of getting blood cloths worthy ? Is coronaviruses still killing lots of people ? What is killing people ? Is everyone now skinny, no heart problems and no need for flu shots ?

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Looking for lady bugs, home depot, lows and amstrongs had none. Any other store you recommend?

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Tile helper with vehicle needed.
Call 760-576-9166

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At 10 pm tonight The SB 15 freeway is shut down from Bundy to Cal Oaks. anyone know why?

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I just discovered that there is a Paleo and Keto bakery in Murrieta!! Chocolate keto cake sooo good. All made fresh daily!.

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