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New IdentityTheft Scam

If you feel threatened or that you accidentally gave information that could be used to steal your identify, act rapidly. However, remember the golden rule that will help reduce the risk: Never answer a number you do not know. They can leave a message if it is important.

Also remember: Never give any personal information. And Social Security Administration will never call you. Yep, they use the mail service to communicate (unless they are returning your call).

Email addresses look ‘official’

In previous Health Care Buzz articles, we shared tools to help identify email scams. One of the most common is to watch for email addresses that were obviously bogus, such as earthlinkpizzafood. com.

However, in recent months, the scammers are getting much better at mirroring the actual email address of the company, so now we need to look deeper into the body of the email.

Example: Internet provider notice with accurate email address. Received each day for three days that the account was going to be suspended if you don’t “click here and make a payment.” Except the amount that was due was changing and none of the three amounts were correct. What to do? NEVER click on the link. Call your internet provider and report the emails. But this is one more step in the scammer’s fear tactics.

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