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Identity Protection Services to Be Uninterrupted, OPM Says

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OPM has said that the identity protection services available to federal employees and retirees due to the personnel records data security breaches will be uninterrupted as it recompetes the contract, which expires at the end of this month.

OPM is soliciting bids from vendors under a GSA blanket purchase agreement and expects to complete the contract process by that deadline. For the meantime, services through the current provider, ID Experts (MyIDCare), have been extended through next June for the meantime.

“You will continue to receive government-sponsored coverage from ID Experts at no cost to you for an additional six months,” says a posting on the OPM site. “Individuals currently receiving services through ID Experts (MyIDCare) will not experience any change to their current coverage, and do not need to take any further action at this time.

“Individuals will also continue to be automatically covered by identity restoration and identity theft insurance. If you believe your data was impacted by the 2015 cybersecurity incidents, but you have not yet enrolled in monitoring services, we encourage you to submit a request with the OPM Verification Center” at, it said.

Those services and insurance are to continue through 2025; legislation has been proposed in Congress to provide them for the lifetime of those affected by the two breaches, one of personnel records and one of background investigations records.

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