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Introducing Identistopp — The Only Credit Repair Company Dedicated to Helping Victims of Identity Theft

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CORONA, Calif., Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Credit card debt and identity theft are two of the most common issues faced by Americans. Although many victims of identity theft are all too familiar with damaged credit scores as a result, there simply isn’t a single company offering solutions that address both of these problems simultaneously. Or rather, there wasn’t a single service provider offering credit repair assistance for victims of identity theft — until now.

“Identistopp is designed exclusively for those who have suffered credit losses and incurred debt as a consequence of their identity theft victimization,” said [Founder], the founder and developer of the Identistopp concept and its eventual translation into a company.

Given the frequent overlap between identity theft and credit card fraud, it’s somewhat surprising that Identistopp is the first company of its kind. Launched in 2020, it only just recently began offering its services to the public, but considering the relatively awful year that so many individuals have had, from the coronavirus pandemic to political and economic turmoil, their services really couldn’t have come at a better time.

About Identistopp — Not Your Average Credit Repair Agency

You may be thinking, “Aren’t credit repair and debt consolidation companies a dime a dozen?” That’s perfectly fair, and the industry is indeed saturated with far too many “solutions” for credit recovery, in a general sense — especially because many of these companies focus less on helping the clients and prioritize padding their own pockets instead.

But Identistopp, as mentioned, is different from these general credit repair service companies, and the corporate differences seem to be most prevalent in two ways.

“First, we’re not just a website or a financial algorithm,” said [Founder] during an interview about the company’s public launch in November. “Identistopp is more of a management and consultant team, working together for the client to represent them accurately and beneficially in their interactions with creditors.”

And the second difference? They don’t work with just anyone. Identistopp was created specifically for and offers services exclusively to victims of identity theft who have incurred damage to their finances as a direct result of the offense.

Identistopp Services — They Don’t Stop At Debt Consolidation

You get the idea: Identistopp is the first credit repair company for victims of identity theft. Big whoop, right? But what can they actually do for the average consumer who happens to be (or is likely to be) a victim of identity theft and related financial injuries? What can Identistopp do for your credit or debt situation?

Essentially, Identistopp’s services are designed to lessen the burdens of credit score recovery and debt management following identity theft and fraudulent financial activity. Criminal victimization and financial loss are bad enough on their own, but when the two combine as a direct result of one or the other, it can quickly become too much work (and stress) for anyone to handle on their own.

In addition to strategizing your financial recovery plan of action, Identistopp offers ongoing support and professional representation services for any meetings or negotiations with creditors, financial institutions, collectors, and the like.

Other services include optimization of your identity theft protection measures, which include optimizations such as securing your passwords, logins, and other sources of sensitive personal information that criminals can use to commit fraud.

What services Identistopp provides will vary on a case-by-case basis, given the complexities and circumstantial nature of a double-edged issue such as this one.

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