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Millennials are bigger targets for scams than senior citize

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It may seem like senior citizens are the targets of online and phone scams, but a new report by the Federal Trade Commission says millennials are the bigger targets.

According to the FTC, people in their 20s reported losing money to a fraud 43% of the time in 2018. Seniors reported only 15%.

The commission says that In New York state, scams pull more than $65 million out of wallets, making New York the 22nd state for total fraud cases in the U.S. The top frauds in New York are identity theft, impostor scams and debt-collection scams.

Bernard Macias, from AARP New York, teaches fraud protection to seniors. He says he’s not surprised that millennials get scammed more often, adding that all ages need to be aware that the crooks are out there.

“We know that every two seconds someone’s identity is stolen and that goes for anyone at any age,” said Macias.

Experts say that one of the biggest signs of a scam is when someone demands cash or a payment immediately. They say if you have questions, hang up or shut down your computer, then call the company directly to make sure it’s legitimate.

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