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NebraskaLand Bank hosts virtual graduation | Education

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NebraskaLand National Bank recognized 30 students during a virtual graduation ceremony for the NebraskaLand University Financial Literacy Scholarship Program. The ceremony streamed live on Facebook 5:30 p.m. April 27.

NebraskaLand University is a six-course financial literacy program designed to educate students on budgeting, savings, credit, loans, career and wealth development, identity theft protection and more. The curriculum uses a combination of established financial literacy materials and unique lesson plans created and instructed by senior and executive officers at NebraskaLand National Bank. In total, the bank has awarded approximately $53,250 in academic scholarships since the program began in 2014.

Graduates of the program receive a certificate of completion and a $250 academic scholarship. Each student was required to complete all six classes in order to graduate and become eligible for the $250 scholarship. In addition, students were required to complete an essay that was judged by a bank committee. The students with the highest scores were the recipients of a $1,000, $750 or $500 scholarship. The winners are:

» First place $1,000, Bethany Burklund of Hershey High School.

» Second place $750, Clay Stone of North Platte High School.

» Third place $500, Savanna States of North Platte High School.

“We are proud of what our students have accomplished, and we are confident that the financial skills and education they obtained at NebraskaLand University has given them the foundation they need to be financially successful later in life,” said Mike Jacobson, president and CEO of NebraskaLand National Bank.

NebraskaLand University’s 2019-20 Graduates are Aleecia Pace, Alyson Nicholson, Ashton Erickson, Bethany Burklund, Carlee Brownawell, Carli Fudge, Celie Childears, Clay Stone, Elizabeth Empfield, Emmely Pineda, Finn Lucas, Hope Wade, Joshua Eshleman, Julie Slattery, Katrina Webster, Kenna Rogers, Kinsey Skillstad, Lindsey Sawyer, MacKenzie Vedder, Marinn Niesen, Matthew Wagner, Morgan McGehee, Noah Jurjens, Olivia Lynch, Savanna States, Shelby Berglund, Talan McGill, Taylor Lundgreen, Tessa Clair, and Zoe Francescato.

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