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We all know that we learn and change as we go through different stages of life. But did you know that our credit score changes right along with us? So the attention and care we give to our credit score needs to change, too. You probably have a score in mind that’ll be the perfect score for you, but it might feel elusive because you don’t know where to start. But it’s actuallynotthatelusive. You can learn how to reach your financial goals and the credit score you want, but you might need extra tools to help you know how to get there.

That’s why ExtraCredit exists. We made specifically for you, to help get you get where you want to be. And we’ve got five killer features all in one place targeted towards helping different parts of your credit and financial goals:

Now, you might be wondering: is ExtraCredit really for me? Your credit might be where you want it to be. Or you might not need a new line of credit. But ExtraCredit is for everyone, no matter where you are in life. The fact is, different age groups might benefit from different features more—although all five features really are for everyone to monitor their credit needs.  

New to Adulthood? Build It Can Help

Ah, adulthood. If you’ve just turned 18, you’re probably excited to get started in your life. Maybe you’re going to college or maybe you’ve decided to join the workforce right away. Either way, you’re might be pretty aware of the new financial ability you have to take on.

Chances are, you haven’t even thought about your credit score. So it might be a bit low, or even non-existent. And that’s okay! But now that you’re beginning your adult life, it’s time to give your credit score some thought. 

You see, you need your credit for a lot—getting a credit card, auto loan and even renting an apartment. If you’re ready to build credit, but you don’t have the credit score to get a credit card, Build It can help. 

Are you paying rent? How about utilities? Or maybe you have a Netflix subscription? Build It will track down all those payments and report them to the credit bureaus. That adds more to your credit to help you get the credit history and score you deserve by considering those payments you are already making. As you establish more of a credit score, you can start looking to get all that adult-y stuff, like a credit card or even a mortgage. 

Parents of Young Kids Will Love Reward It

We salute all the parents of younger kids out there. In between juggling school, work, after school activities and keeping up a clean house, you have a lot on your hands. You could probably say the same about your finances, too. 

Let’s face it—kids are expensive. And as a younger family, you probably have a ton of other expenses on top of financial goals. You might want to get an auto loan for a car that all the kids can pile into. Or maybe you want to get another credit card. You couldjust go ahead and apply for those lines of credit anywhere—or you could use Reward It.

Here’s how it works: once you sign up for ExtraCredit, you’ll get a credit card preloaded with five dollars. In the meantime, we’ll analyze your credit and find offers best suited for your score. After you qualify for the offer, we’ll split the reward with you. That means we’ll send up to $165 in cashback rewards straight into your ExtraCredit debit card.

That’s money you can spend on new toys, school supplies, clothes oryou could treat you and your spouse to a little special something. Either way, you’ll get credit offers and real money that you can spend towards you and your family. 

Ready to Retire? Guard It Will Keep You Safe

You’ve been working hard your wholelife—for your family and your job. Whether you’re getting close to retiring, or you’ve already retired, you’re probably ready to kick back and relax. And we want you to enjoy your retirement, too!

But there’s probably something you should know. In 2017, the FTC reported that senior citizens compromised 35% of fraud complaints and 18.9% identity theft cases. Yes, we know that you aren’t a senior citizen. In fact, you’re probably thinking that we’re jumping the gun, right?

Here’s the thing: getting your identity stolen isn’t just a minor inconvenience. People who steal your identity can literally take your identity. That means they can open up credit cards in your name and potentially ruin your credit, as well as rack up tax debt in your name. If you fall victim to identity theft during your retirement, it could throw all your plans of rest and relaxation for a loop.

So what can you do? Guard It is here to help. Sure, criminals nowadays are sneakier. But we’re smarter. Guard It provides killer identity theft protection with three lines of defense against cybercriminals: Dark Web Monitoring, Compromised Account Monitoring and Identity Theft Insurance.   

We’ll cover all your bases. Dark Web Monitoring continually scans the dark corners of the internet for breaches of your personal data; Compromised Account Monitoring will help catch unauthorized bank changes and open accounts; Identity Theft Insurance provides a $1,000,000 policy to protect you from financial harm.

Basically, we’ve got your back. Get ready to enjoy your retirement in peace. 

Ready to Pull Out of a Slump? Restore It is Here for You

Look, we’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve fallen behind on credit card payments in the past and you don’t know what should still be on your credit report. Maybe you know you have some inaccurate information on your credit report and aren’t sure what to do. Either way, your credit isn’t where you want it to be. 

You already know this, but you need a decent credit score for a lot of stuff. You don’t want a few blemishes on your credit score to hold you back. And neither do we.

Luckily, Restore It can help. You’ll get connected to one of the most effective and encompassing credit solutions— Restore It will give you a serious discount to or another one of the leaders in credit repair, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a proven credit repair process. 

Use Track It at Any Age 

No matter what stage of life you’re currently in, you need to check your credit score. Let’s say you’re applying for student loans. Or maybe a mortgage. You couldgo ahead and apply without knowing your credit score. But the tricky thing is, most lenders will make a hard inquiry into your credit to see if you qualify. That’ll ding your credit score.

If your credit score is already iffy, and you’ll get a ding due to a hard inquiry for something you didn’t qualify for to begin with, you just went through a credit score drop for nothing. That’swhy you need to know your credit score. Plus, you’ll need to keep an eye on any other suspicious dips in your credit report.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind: you actually have more than one credit score. So you’ll actually need to keep track of all your scores. Feeling overwhelmed yet?

Don’t. Because Track It is here to help. It’s a credit monitoring service that’ll track (see what we did there?) 28 of your FICO scores. You might not have even known that you had 28 FICO scores. But you do, and we’ve got them. Plus, it’ll show you your credit reports from all three credit bureaus. 

You’ll also get your credit report card, which dives into the five main factors that play into your credit score. Andyou’ll get advanced credit monitoring and alerts, because we’re just that careful.

ExtraCredit is Here to Help—No Matter Your Situation 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what your age is or what situation you find yourself in. ExtraCredit can help. And sure, there are other similar products out there. But none of them give you identity theft protection, cashback rewards and a credit monitoring service, all while giving you tools to help you build credit—all for $24.99 a month. 

Trust us, you won’t want to pass up on an opportunity like that. So let’s get you started—sign up for ExtraCredit today.  

Disclosure: and are both owned by Progrexion Holdings, Inc. may receive compensation if a subscriber signs up for services.

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