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Ohio JFS glitch may have exposed personal data

New IdentityTheft Scam

Mark Williams
| The Columbus Dispatch

Nearly 150 people may have had their personal information exposed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the agency said Monday. 

Of the 146 people affected, 131 are those who have collected unemployment benefits under a federal program that extended benefits to those typically not eligible, such as the self employed or independent contractors. The other 15 were spouses.

The state said it detected what it is describing as a vulnerability and not a breach of its computer systems on Dec. 16. The state said the vulnerability has been fixed. 

The disclosure is the latest issue that Job and Family Services has had to deal with when it comes to unemployment benefits and potential criminal activity.

Last week, the state reported that of the 1.4 million claims made under the federal pandemic program, 796,000 have been flagged for potential fraud.

The agency sent letters to the 146 affected people on Monday offering protection and help against identity theft. 

There is no indication at this point that the information has been used fraudulently.

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