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In 2009, Sherian Wells had just been laid off. With a 2-year-old daughter to take care of on her own and bills to pay, Wells decided to put her marketing experience to work and started going door to door to recruit her own clients.

“It was 102 degrees; it was hot. I had a vehicle with no air, and I went door to door and just asked people, ‘how can I help your business?’,” Wells said. “I wanted to have something that allowed me flexibility, so if I needed to take off or get (my daughter) to the doctor, (I could). I knew that being an entrepreneur would allow me to open that door. It is risky. I was young and I was a little bit naïve, which worked in my favor because I wasn’t fully aware of the ‘Oh my God, I’m just stepping out here with nothing!’ versus all I saw was possibilities. I could do this, and I could provide for us. I didn’t see the negative.”

When her customers started telling her about their need for flexibility in sales, she found her niche. 10 years later, Wells is celebrating the Wednesday grand opening of Omni Point of Sale, her first brick-and-mortar for the small business supply store she started in 2012. Wells, who moved into her Boiling Springs Road location in November after outgrowing her home office, said that the growing neighborhoods and expansion in Boiling Springs made it the perfect location for her business.

“What we can do for other businesses is to allow them to be able to demo the equipment before they buy it, to actually have an interaction with the equipment before they commit to it,” Wells said of the advantage of the new space.

The new location also allowed Wells to expand her services. Omni Point of Sale offers a number of items for restaurants and retail businesses, including point-of-sale systems, vending machines, ordering kiosks, credit card readers, and personalized gift cards. Wells also offers credit repair, business loans, and business advising. Omni also offers 24-hour technical support for their products.

Point-of-sale systems allow small businesses to accept payments including credit card payments, keep track of inventory and sales, and various other business needs through a few connected devices. One of Omni’s most popular products is Clover, a point-of-sale system ideal for mobile small businesses like food trucks or other quick service restaurants, which includes a tablet for taking orders and a card reader.

Wells said her ability to offer businesses one-on-one attention and attentive customer service sets Omni apart from other point-of-sale sellers.

“A lot of people complain, ‘my rep signs me up and I don’t ever see them again’ or ‘I don’t know how to get in touch with someone if I have a question’,” Wells said. “What we’re doing is facilitating a place where you have a go to place to get an answer, and then we can make sure your issue gets resolved.”

While she is glad of the success she’s experiencing — Wells’ business will soon expand from two employees to 10 — she said she gets the most satisfaction from helping other small businesses reach their goals.

“There’s something about that spark in their eye when they have thought up an idea, when they have shared it with someone out of fear and then we are able to make that dream become a reality, that’s amazing,” Wells said.

Omni Point of Sale, located at 1398 Boiling Springs Rd.Suite D, is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays-Fridays.

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