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Porch Repair Estimate Report App Launches in Keller Williams App Store

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Using details from the client’s home inspection report, accurate estimates save agents time and help them be more effective in the negotiation process

SEATTLE, Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Porch, a leading home improvement marketplace announces that the Porch Repair Estimate Report App is now fully integrated into Command, KW’s smart CRM-plus solution, and available to all Keller Williams U.S. agents via the KW MarketPlace, an app store on the Keller Cloud. 

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The Porch Repair Estimate Report is a list of detailed cost estimates for deficiencies found during a home’s inspection. The estimates are backed by Porch, so agents can create a repair request addendum, and leverage it as part of the negotiation process with the seller.

“Home buying is a stressful and emotional process. By the time buyers complete their home inspection, they are eager to close the deal,” said Matt Ehrlichman, Founder, and CEO of Porch. “The Porch Repair Estimate Report brings a new level of transparency at this crucial stage – helping agents quickly have guaranteed and defensible estimates for their negotiations and helping homeowners truly understand the cost of repairs for their new home.”

The Porch Repair Estimate Report is available through the KW MarketPlace. Once activated, agents can order a Repair Estimate Report directly through Command. Then Porch’s algorithms and team of pricing experts utilize historical labor and material rate data in the home’s area to generate estimates for the deficiencies identified during the inspection. Once the estimates are delivered, agents can customize the report by adding items as credit, repair or replacement requests to a shareable request list. 

The Porch Repair Estimate Report is sponsored by Keller Williams, making it available at no cost for both agents and homebuyers when ordered through Command. Standard delivery time is 48 hours, but a rush order can be delivered in as little as 6 hours, for a nominal fee. Included with each report is a Porch Home Assistant, a personal concierge who will follow-up with the homebuyer to help them with their move-in needs.

Through the Keller Cloud Innovator Program, Porch will continue to collaborate with Keller Williams to enhance the operations of real estate businesses via the Keller Cloud, a proprietary, AI-fueled real estate cloud for Keller Williams agents.

For more information on the Porch Repair Estimate Report, visit

Seattle-based Porch is a home services platform that simplifies home management for homeowners and renters across the nation. We make moving easy, complete one-off improvement projects, take care of common home maintenance and repair tasks, and more. Visit to learn more. 


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