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The problem with cybersecurity is that it is difficult to single out what should be considered common sense when it comes to online protection. There are too many tips, just like too many devices with constant internet access. Technology is changing day by day bringing with it new shortcomings and weaknesses of existing devices and more and more precautions to be taken. Of course, it’s tedious to remember a thousand different things to be safe online. That’s too much, we agree. But unfortunately, nowadays it is very easy to misuse a device or an account, that is connected to the Internet in any way. The general lack of information leads to serious problems. Last year alone, close to a billion people and dozens of countries were affected by various forms of cybercrime. And the number of victims has risen by 10% a year in the last three years. Cybersecurity experts say that the number of victims would be drastically reduced if people developed good habits against cyber threats, such as the habit of washing their hands, for example. In the same way that the risk of fatal traffic accidents was reduced by almost 50% due to the use of seat belts, the number of victims of cybercrime would be reduced. Imagine a new seat belt coming out every year with a new way or system of fastening. That would be very frustrating. As for cybersecurity in changing behavior, they are, unfortunately, reality and the biggest obstacle to creating a secure online space. And many of us don’t like change. It takes time to develop a collective sense of cybersecurity and to learn to change habits side by side with technological change. We will see how far we are from cybersecurity becoming our daily, almost unconscious habit, and faster than we think.

Why Is It Important To Have Strong Passwords

It is important to use secure passwords when using computers and the Internet. A strong password is important because it is the first pillar of protection against unauthorized use of your computer and data. Imagine that whole system as one armored door. If your password is weak, you did not lock the armored door with a key but taped it. Consequently, all the functions of these imaginary doors fall into the water. Today, identity theft occupies one of the leading positions in online scams. What is the role of the password here? Developers and security experts work every day to prevent unauthorized intrusions and data misuse and to develop new and even more impenetrable security systems.

How to choose a secure password?

  • password length must be at least 8 characters (the more characters the better)
  • use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • use numbers and special characters with letters (@ # $% ^ &)
  • avoid using string arrays as a password
  • you mustn’t use the same password for all sites where you have registered (a hacker will steal your password, for example on a weakly protected forum that managed to compromise and then use it to access your email or bank account).
  • change passwords at least twice a year.
  • do not use your date of birth as a password (avoid personal information at all)
  • don’t use swear words and try not to use nouns in the singular nominative (the old password cracking tool is “dictionary attack” – a script that very much “checks” if you used a word from the dictionary as a password).

You have to create and manage many passwords, but it is almost impossible, so people end up usually deciding to use the same password to access all accounts, which greatly endangers their security. Biometrics offers a more casual consumer experience but is limited by the need to purchase specialized equipment. With the latest smartphones, many of us already carry the necessary hardware in our pockets. After trying tokens, passwords, and codes sent via SMS, interest in biometrics is growing.

Password Managers

What exactly are password managers? Simply put, these programs remember your entries, store passwords can offer you the automatic creation of new, extremely complicated passwords, and can store confidential information such as your credit card numbers.

They work on the principle of multiple and complicated encryptions of all your entered data. All you need to do is create one master or super-password at the beginning of use, and that’s it. In the future, all you need to do is remember her.

Password managers, like Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault, come in the form of classic or portable programs (you can carry them with you on a USB drive), or even as simple add-ons for Internet browsers. A special advantage is that all programs are extremely easy to use. Keeper even comes as a mobile, desktop, and web app, and has many features that help and upgrade your security. Many fear that password managers are insecure and that the data is “always known”, but statistics show the opposite. The “burglary” of the account is symbolic (less than 0.5 percent) and is mainly caused by the choice of an overly predictable super-password of the users themselves. So, forget about paperwork, storage on a local computer.

There are malicious people on the internet who misrepresent themselves. Beware of them! Never reveal your password to anyone for email accounts, social media profiles, and chat sites. It uses “strong” passwords that cannot be easily “cracked” (a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers). Keep in mind that everything you write and publish on the Internet becomes public and accessible to a large number of people, and it is no longer possible to control how other people will use your data – experts warn on the “Click Safe” site.

In addition to your protection, it is important to save your computer. That is why it is desirable to install programs that should always be functional. Otherwise, not every Internet search is safe. Do not open so-called “pop-ups”. It is safest to close them with an “X”. Never download content from unverified sites. Some contain viruses that can damage your computer.

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