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Check your life insurance policies…in relation to having being vaccinated or NOT, and how it would possibly effect the Payout….whether it be whole life or term life…..

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Anyone lost a male little white and light brown dog? The dog is mostly white with some brown spots on it’s back. Its face is mostly brown with brown floppy ears. I just seen the dog on Joliets Wilson Ave and everyone outside says it’s not theirs and have no clue where it came from.
I dont have the dog but I thought I should post to let whoever lost it know where it is. The dog dosent look like a stray but has no collar.

|Neighbor Post|

I see Warren Doris and Cesar Gurrero are getting endorsed from groups who support far left political ideology. Progressives are Socialist. Sierra Club is an extreme left organization that back policies contributing to wild fires in California. Watch this upcoming election the mail in ballot system should be eliminated. The only exception is absentee ballots for citizens and Military personnel out of the State or Country. Yes that includes the Illinois National Gaurd posted at the Capital Building in Washington D.C. Wait watch and vote in person on election day.

|Neighbor Post|

Hello this is for Patch support team. I emailed the patch support team on March 11th and still haven’t heard back other than their automatic response saying someone will get to me. How can I successfully get in contact with the Patch support?

|Local Question|

Does anybody know what’s going on in Waukesha with all the police cars in the neighbourhood area around Bethesda school?

|Neighbor Post|

why are all the flags at half staff?

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Check Snopes re “mostly false” rating of “only 9% of stimulus bill funds directly COVID 19 related.” It’s what is partly true that is concerning. Also check out mostly true rating of reports that criminals incarcerated in our prisons will receive stimulus checks just like the rest of us. Too late to do anything about this bill: let’s get educated before this (or something similar) happens again .

|Local Question|

What was the police on North William St.

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Hello, I’ve seen a lot of people on here wondering how to get a Covid vaccine in Will County. My elderly mom got this number off of WGN news radio this morning, she called and left a voicemail and not even 5 mins later she received a call back, and they scheduled her today for her 1st shot. The caller ID came up ELLA. I hope this helps you guys out!! Have an amazing weekend 🙂

|Neighbor Post|

I’m traveling through & would love to know where this city sign is located for a picture!

|Local Question|

What happened at west park today?

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