There have been dozens of rappers who have been detained or arrested in recent years, with many of them facing or sentenced to significant time behind bars. Since the top of 2020, Florida artist 9lokkNine, real named Jacquavius Smith, has continued to battle through legal issues. In January of last year, we reported that the rapper was looking at upwards of five years behind bars in connection with a weapons charge. In July 2020, 9lokkNine was back in the headlines, this time after he was arrested on charges of firearm possession and attempted murder.

By October 2020, 9lokkNine was once again in police custody after reportedly being shot at, and in January 2021, we shared the news that he was reportedly charged with five counts of attempted murder.

If this seems like much for just a year and a half, it doesn’t end there. Last month, 9lokkNine was reportedly arrested on racketeering charges, and it is reported that he recently pleaded guilty in one of his cases.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, on Tuesday (July 13), the rapper pleaded guilty to charges of “possession of an unregistered firearm, aggravated identity theft and felon in possession of a firearm.” The identity theft charge stems from accusations that he fraudulently acquired $10,000 through the Paycheck Protection Program that was implemented to help struggling businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. He reportedly showed friends on Instagram his PPP Loan application and the exchange was later used by authorities.

The 20-year-old artist will reportedly return to court for sentencing on October 6.