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Avast One is a comprehensive privacy and security suite that includes a free VPN

Released at the same time as the company undergoes a redesign involving a new logo, Avast One is here to help keep you protected online. This is more than just an antivirus tool — although an AV component is present — this is a comprehensive suite of protective tools covering various aspects of security and privacy.

Things start off with Avast One Essentials, which is the free version of the security suite. For anyone with concerns about privacy, even this free version includes a powerful VPN with a generous weekly allowance. There is also protection against spyware, password theft and identity theft. And there is even more to explore in the paid-for editions.

The free version’s 5GB weekly allowance with the VPN component is more than enough for most people to be getting on with. It gives you the ability to route your internet traffic through a range of secure international servers, and if you need more, you can enjoy unlimited VPN usage by upgrading to the competitively priced Individual or Family editions of the software.

As well as familiar malware and virus protection, there is also protection against ransomware, with the option of choosing sensitive files and folders for particular attention. The Data Breach Monitoring feature will let you know if any of your passwords have been compromised in data breaches, so you know when you need to change the credentials for your accounts.

The free version of the software includes not only PC Speedup to optimize background app activity, but also Software Updater to help keep a wide range of popular software updated with all of the latest security patches.

Avast One’s interface gives you an overview of your system and access to all of its tools

In the paid-for editions of the program, the firewall gets something of an upgrade, as does the VPN, but there are also entirely new components such as the webcam protector that provides a warning whenever an app tries to access the camera. There’s also a disk cleaner for free up disk space, and protection against DNS and web hijacking.   

The built-in firewall offers powerful protection against hackers when using wired or wireless connections

In all there are three editions of Avast One to choose from. Avast One Essentials is the free version and includes a VPN with a 5GB weekly allowance, data breach monitoring, Ransomware Shield, an integrated firewall and the PC Speedup component. Moving up a tier takes you to Avast One Individual which gives you the same VPN protection, but without limitations.

It also includes protection against spoof websites, password securing options, driver updating and more. It costs $3.99 per month or $99.99 per year, reduced to $47.88 for the first year. Avast One Family is the same as the Individual edition, but it can be used by up to six different people and on up to 30 devices. It costs $5.99 per month or $139.99 per year, reduced to $71.88 for the first year.

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