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Gina Young


Gina Young is an accomplished finance writer who has written for publications including SuperMoney, Examiner, Lexington Law, Talk Markets,  Throughout her career in finance, Gina has advised clients in the areas of investing, retirement planning, refinancing, debt consolidation, and credit repair. As a manager in the financial industry, she trained and educated employees on how to succeed in sales and marketing. 

Gina’s passion for finance prompted her to create her own personal finance blog, Money Savvy Living.  As a blogger and influencer, she shares frugal living and budgeting tips, and everyday money saving ideas.  Her most important role, though, is that of being a wife and mother of three sons.

Quote from Gina Young

It is not the things that you do today and tomorrow that will make a difference in your life, it is the things that you do today and tomorrow for the next months, years, and decades that will matter.  Investing into your family, faith, health, and finances over the long term builds a solid foundation in your life, that leads to peace of mind and the ability to enjoy the journey along the way.

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