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MI Attorney General Dana Nessel: We Must Protect Victim’s Privacy Rights

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is taking action to protect the rights of crime victims after a ruling from the court of appeals.

On March 11, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that a prosecutor must provide the addresses of victims and witnesses when turning over information to the court. The ruling also means prosecutors that seek to shield that information must first obtain a protective order.

The attorney general took legal action late last month to help protect victim’s information.

Nessel says this really puts victims in a tough spot for several reasons.

“It puts the victim or the witness into a very precarious situation where it could subject them to identity theft but worse it could subject them to becoming a crime victim from a serious assault, threats or intimidation,” Nessel said.

The attorney general tells 9&10 News just today she has spoken to state lawmakers about potentially drafting new laws to make victim’s privacy rights more clear.

Source: on 2021-04-07 18:30:00

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