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New identity theft scam uses auto-renewal of identity theft software

New IdentityTheft Scam

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -A new email scam threatens to bill someone $300 for identity theft protection unless the person logs into a website and cancels it using personal information.

This type of scam, called phishing, purports to be from McAfee Total Protection, an anti-virus program.

People are instructed in the email to call a company representative to cancel the service and that person asks for personal information. The scammer also asks for a bank account number to verify the account renewal.

The sheriff’s office said these clues help point out the email is a scam:

  • The email was sent from a Gmail account
  • It was sent to nearly 50 recipients
  • The contact phone number is a long-distance number to Florida that is not toll-free
  • Additionally, the phone number indicates the US/Canadian country code of +1
  • There are punctuation/spacing mistakes.
  • There are language/grammar mistakes.

To protect yourself:

  • Always double-check the sender’s email address
  • Log on to a company’s official website instead of calling numbers provided or clicking on links provided in an email. Use the contact information from the legitimate website.
  • Contact the actual business that supposedly sent the email to verify if the email is genuine.

Anyone who has received this email, or similar correspondence, is encouraged to dismiss and delete the communication. If you have suffered a loss from phishing scams or some other scam, contact detectives at 775-328-3320.

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