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Pandemic leads to uptick in business for local entrepreneur | Business

Many people are turning to Herman Dolce for assistance in repairing their credit as the pandemic is causing financial concerns for consumers.

Dolce is the founder and CEO of Bella Sloan Enterprises, a Pennsylvania-based business specializing in personal credit repair, financial education and business funding for companies.

“This has probably been the most successful year in Bella Sloan’s history,” said the 39-year-old first generation Haitian American.

“I’ve been educating people so much on having multiple streams of income (and) why having good credit to leverage money can put you in a better position, so the pandemic actually helped my case, so now everybody is running and saying, ‘I needed to get my credit fixed yesterday,’” said the Temple University alum.

“The pandemic also taught me that I need to pivot to invest in other streams of income that are recession and pandemic proof.”

With that in mind, Dolce recently started a trucking business named after his second daughter, Olivia Monroe Enterprises.

Dolce started out by offering free credit consulting more than 10 years ago.

“I was thought it was a need and a necessity, especially for our people so I was never really charging anybody,” he said.

“I was just giving them the game that I was taught.”

Dolce was inspired to start his own business in 2016, after enjoying a two-week trip to Italy with his wife.

“When I got back I was telling my younger brother, Kevin that I wished I could do that whenever I want and he told me the only way that could happen is if you own your own (business),” Dolce said.

After being motivated by his brother, Dolce launched his venture which is named after his first daughter, Bella. The former software tester quit his six-figure job in 2018 to focus on running his business full time.

“I was able to free myself and be financially independent,” said Dolce, who is also a real estate investor.

Dolce says he built his business by being consistent in what he does and offering free information to his clients.

“My marketing strategy is to educate (and) give a lot of information away so that it will wow people, so they can say if he is doing this for free, imagine if I pay him,” he explained.

Dolce successfully repaired the credit of six of his friends and posted their results on social media, which led his business to start growing organically.

He seeks to educate people about how the credit system works and the importance of having good credit.

After mentors were influential in helping him achieve his dreams of financial freedom, Dolce is striving to help others do the same.

Dolce’s family are key factors in keeping him motivated to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. He draws inspiration from his parents who migrated to the U.S. from the island of Haiti in the late 1970s.

He is focused on building a legacy of business ownership for his daughters.

“I don’t want them to ever have to work for anybody,” said Dolce, who was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Philadelphia.

“I want to raise these beautiful Black girls into beautiful Black women that are owners. My daughters will have watched me build something so that they know how to do it over and over again.”

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