The Pixel 5a has finally been unveiled as Google’s newest mid-range phone, and for the most part, it’s very, very similar to the Pixel 4a 5G

— at least from the outside. It comes with 5G connectivity, it’s powered by the Snapdragon 765G just like the Pixel 4a 5G and even the flagship Pixel 5, and it features 6 GB of RAM and a 60Hz panel. You may be familiar with the components, but how is the 5a built? The phone has now been stripped down to its guts, and we have bad news for repairbility fans: it’s still a tough nut to crack.

This teardown comes courtesy of YouTube channel PBKreviews, whose teardowns we’ve covered in previous articles. To Google’s credit, some repair issues have improved. As long as what you’re looking to replace is the screen, you’re looking at a pretty simple repair.

However, if you need to replace any other component in the phone, be prepared to deal with lots of glue and lots of screws. The pull tabs for removing the battery are apparently useless, there’s a lot of metal, a lot of plastic, and a lot of ribbon cables that can make a repair tricky for the faint of heart.

Pixel phones have always been notoriously complicated to repair, and up through the launch of the Pixel 5, that was still the case. Seeing the Pixel 5a being disassembled in a video confirms that, while changes have been made, it’s still a pretty complicated phone to open up. While we might be looking at something slightly easier to work with than previous Pixels (and similar to what we saw on the Pixel 5), this is still a tricky phone to access if you need to change any internal component, sans the screen — and maybe the battery, if you’re lucky.