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Simple Safeguards: How To Stay Safe From Identity Theft And Cybercrime

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Identity Theft.
Account Takeovers.
Social Networking Scams.
Tax Refund and Payment Fraud.

It seems there is a new scam in the headlines almost daily. Fraud is a serious topic and if you fall victim to it, it can have a serious impact in your life.

Join the Thrivent Member Network for Simple Safeguards: How to stay safe from Identity Theft and Cybercrime with Retired FBI Special Agent, Jeff Lanza. During this event, you will learn ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, how criminals try to trick us, steal our identities, and commit cyber fraud. Jeff will demonstrate the simple steps we can deploy to keep our identities safe and stay protected from the plethora of cyber scams and frauds that pervade our society.No products will be sold. For additional disclosures, see

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