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Collaboration is a great word that me ans working with someone to produce or create something together for a common purpose. Love INC works with many organizations in our community for the common good of families and individuals.

Nacogdoches is blessed to have so many organizations and businesses whose main purpose is to help others. Lately, we have had the privilege to serve alongside the Christian Women and Men’s Job Corps.

Several students who graduated from CWMJC have agreed to continue an action plan through Love INC and our Fresh Start program. It turns out it is a great continuation of the skills they learned through participating in the CWMJC classes.

The CWMJC program director facilitates for their graduates to begin services with Love INC for housing, food, transportation, case management and other services the client may qualify for and need. This effort between both programs is proven to enhance the opportunities for success of the client.

After the client has completed the CWMJC skills classes, Love INC provides an accountability process for the client to further work toward self-sufficiency. This collaboration of services between Love INC and CWMJC is exciting and provides not only a platform for the client to succeed, but for the community to witness God’s people serving others together for His purpose.


Lord, thank you for your walk on this earth that demonstrated how to love others. You showed us that all people are made in your image and you loved each and every one of them. I pray we follow your lead each and every day. Father, thank you for the opportunity to serve alongside the Christian Women and Men Job Corps of Nacogdoches. Bless our efforts as we collaborate and combine our strengths to serve families and individuals as they rebuild their lives. All these things we ask in your Name Jesus, Amen.


Case management: We are still serving families with Back to School Shared Blessings. Some applicants completed and submitted their paperwork on time, but perhaps they were unable to get a ride to the event, or they were unable to get time off work to attend, or we even had a couple of families who had COVID-19, and are just now out of quarantine. We try to be understanding, flexible and helpful to families who apply for assistance so that the children have new shoes, socks, backpacks, clothes and other necessities for a successful school year.

Thanks to Bancorp South for working with us to host our first Credit Repair Class. It has been on our hearts for quite some time that a class like this would be very beneficial for the Fresh Start participants and Love INC clients. In the past we have offered one-on-one budgeting, but this was our first group class for credit repair. The attendants were a bit shy at first, but they were quickly put at ease by Juan Gonzales from Bancorp South who has more than 20 years in the banking industry.

It was a privilege and honor to hear them ask their questions, become more familiar with FICO scores, how the scores are calculated and why they matter. As we listened to their stories, two of our participants are actively trying to improve their credit so that they can qualify for a home loan, and another is working to make progress toward purchasing a car. We plan to continue to offer the credit repair class to our Fresh Start participants and Love INC clients.

Sometimes case management takes one or two phone calls to resolve a situation. Other times, case management takes months of involvement. We are very pleased to report that with numerous phone calls, online research, doctor involvement, Medicaid involvement, repair technicians and persistence, we have been able to help a client get approved for a new customized electric wheelchair. It has taken almost four months of weekly follow ups to accomplish, and during this time we have come to just love this client. We have built a lasting relationship that is as important as meeting the need.

Volunteers: Our volunteer application is available online at For specific questions about volunteer opportunities, email [email protected].

Warehouse: The warehouse needs full/double size sheet sets and linens. We are low on funds to purchase new beds. A full size bed costs $226 and twin beds cost $203. Since COVID-19 and due to the bed bug epidemic, we continue to purchase new beds from a whole sale distributer for validated clients. If you would like to contribute to this fund please write bed ministry on the memo line of your check.

Fundraiser: Mark your calendars for Chairished Blessings Fundraiser. We are on the books for Feb. 11, 2022 at the Civic Center. We are so excited and grateful we can host this event again. Also, this is a notice calling on all previous volunteers and new volunteers who would like to join us as we plan this event. We have volunteers repurposing furniture already. Call or email Debbie, our volunteer coordinator, [email protected]


Using our post office box is the safer and most secure way to send us a check. P.O. Box 630423, Nacogdoches, Texas 75963.

Another very secure way is by PayPal on our website It is also helpful for you to designate your gifts. Writing on the memo line will designate your wishes. Write: “wherever needed most” will allow us to decide. This is just helpful to us, not required.

Patti Goodrum is executive director of Love INC.

Patti Goodrum is executive director of Love INC.

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