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The Owner of RCS is the Man with the Plan – Press Release

ST. LOUIS, MO / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2020 / Over the years entrepreneurship has been a trendy topic in America. Everyone has been scrambling to get their piece of the pie and achieve what it is to be the American dream. Most citizens think if they have a logo, LLC and email then all of a sudden they are in business. Well, there is more to being a Entrepreneur than just that. You need a business structure, a target audience, and different prices points to have a successful business. The one thing that small business owner forget about is their credit scores and lines of credit for their business. The thing about business is that if you can borrow money before you ever make a dollar that is the best route to go. Whenever investors invest within a business most of the capital goes towards inventory or marketing. The more money you have for marketing the more revenue you will make, in theory. However, most businesses fail because they do not have access to capital because they do not have a great credit score or access to capital. The owner of Resolved Credit Solutions has not only been helping people with their personal credit but also getting them approved for large amounts of capital. “Everyone knows this saying” Mr. Morale says. ” Its not what you know its who you know. I found this to be a myth since starting my business.” says Gavin Morale.

The knowledge we have today we always wish we had that information years ago. The information that you really need to know in order to be successful will never be taught. Because if everyone knew how to increase their personal credit scores there is a chance they would never go into debt because they would not have outstanding interest rates. When understanding how money flows in the U.S. The Federal Reserve loan banks capital at an very small percentage then banks loan citizens money at an larger percentage. Depending on how your credit score is a the time when you apply for a personal loan, auto loan, or mortgage determines how much money you will pay interest over the years. If a consumer loses a car to repossession or loses a home to foreclosure the bank doesn’t necessarily lose money. The main reason why credit repair is still taboo until this day is because of the stigma the industry has gotten over the years. If every consumer was able to clear debt from their report just like an banking institution then it could seriously effect the banking industry. Resolved Credit Solutions is teaching consumers how to overcome a financial crisis and operate exactly how a bank would.

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