MUSKOKA, ON-Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA) is offering tips on how to not fall victim to fraud and identity theft.  

After conducting their annual fraud survey, CPA found that about 74 percent of Canadians buy from web-based retailers and conduct their banking online. CPA also found that about 70 percent of all Canadian’s share their lives on social media.

CPA Financial Literacy Leader Doretta Thompson said that “March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada and it provides a great opportunity for Canadians to assess how effectively they are protecting themselves online.”

In order to secure your personal information, CPA suggests strengthening your passwords, review your credit card and banking transactions over the past month to find any odd purchases, shred personal documents before getting rid of them, know your approximate credit score, and screen your calls, don’t respond or answer to a number you don’t recognize.

CPA said that password protection remains a top vulnerability when it comes to keeping Canadians’ personal information safe. According to CPA, about 60 percent of Canadians choose to memorize some of their passwords and this could lead to repetitive use of the same information, reducing your security. CPA said that writing your passwords down is fine as long as it is in a safe place.    

CPA is a federal body that represents accountants across Canada and has members that specialize in preventing fraud and helping those who have fallen victim to it.